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Absolutely amazing service

Absolutely amazing service, no matter who you deal with (Jamie, Jack, etc)! They are professional, super-fast, ensure security, and take the initiative to follow-up regularly with personal phone calls… who else even does that these days?!

Oct 19, 2023

Great service from wonderful people

The team are lovely and always there for you. Fantastic rates and transactions are processed quickly and effectively. Thank you!

Maria Smith
Sep 30, 2023

Regency FX Working with You

The staff at Regency FX Truro are just fantastic. They are always friendly and professional and very responsive to your requirements. They have good exchange rates and can be trusted to deliver on time. They are always prepared to advise and go that extra mile to support you no matter what the size of your transaction.

Alison Thatcher
Jun 8, 2023

Safety of your funds

Why do thousands of clients trust Regency FX?

We have over 30 years experience in the payments industry, all client funds regardless of value are held in protected, safeguarded named client accounts.

Is Regency FX the right choice for me?

Absolutely, we offer a special tailored service that ensure that you have the right payment solution for your specific situation. We can monitor the markets 24/7 on your behalf and offer local collection accounts for clients to ensure the easy processing of your funds.

Two step security on payment information?

We take client safety and security very seriously, we will also verbally confirm payment information with our client if we receive the details via email.

Are my funds protected?

Our tier one partners who provide the accounts hold the highest accreditation with the UK regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). All client funds are safeguarded and protected.

Award winning personal service

In a technology driven world we believe that customer service has been sacrificed, not here and not us!

The currency exchange market rate moves every three seconds, that’s 28,800 movements on a daily basis.

That means the timing of your conversion is crucial.

Our currency experts will monitor the markets on your behalf to assist you with timing the transaction correctly.

Award winning personal service

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