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Business currency transfers are vital for companies that import and export, currency volatility can make it extremely difficult to control costs and protect profit margin – our specialist business team at Regency FX are always on hand to assist you.

Regency FX offer invaluable insights and real time market updates to ensure you stay on top of currency market trends, giving you all the information required to make informed decisions. Our clients have access to all our risk management tools and can transfer money online yourself using the platform 24/7.

How we help businesses

Having the right provider to reduce expenses and increase opportunities is crucial, whether you need to pay a single invoice or are establishing a worldwide enterprise, Regency FX will provide personalised service to you.

Global Payments

Our service provides extensive coverage around the world, allowing you to manage all your cross-border payments with a single relationship. This saves you time, effort and ensures consistency in the management of your payments.

Reduce Financial Risk

Our fixed exchange rate option for up to 12 months helps you to avoid currency volatility, giving you the confidence to plan and forecast your business with greater certainty. This reduces your financial risk and provides greater stability for your business operations.

Quality Service

We believe that customer service is crucial in a technology-driven world. Therefore, our Personal Account Manager service ensures that you receive personalized assistance whenever you need it.

Increase Business Revenue

Our personal account managers offer expert guidance, helping you to save money with great exchange rates and timely transactions. By reducing costs and increasing efficiency, we help you to increase your revenue and grow your business.

How we work



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Funds sent

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