Complaints Management Policy


The Company recognises the significance of maintaining an effective and efficient complaints management framework. We are dedicated to a customer-focused approach, welcome feedback, and demonstrate our commitment through our actions and the resources allocated for dispute resolution.

Key Personnel

Compliance Officer: Tasked with enforcing and reviewing this policy and ensuring staff training.

Complaints Manager: Andy Dyer

Review Process

Annual Review: Conducted by the Compliance Officer.

In Case of Major Compliance Breach: The Compliance Officer will reassess the procedure or engage an external compliance consultant.

Approval Process

This policy requires approval by the board of directors.


Definition of a Complaint: Any expression of dissatisfaction related to our products, services, or the complaints handling process, where a response or resolution is expected.

Reference Standards: Developed with reference to PSR 2017 Schedule 4 and FCA’s PSD Approach Document.

No Charge: There is no fee for submitting a complaint.

Dispute Resolution Procedure

1. Reporting a Complaint

Contact Methods:
Phone: 0800 041 8031
Call Costs: Calls are charged at a basic rate, with no profit to the Company.

2. Investigation

Assessment Factors:

Actions Taken:

Communication: Keep the complainant informed throughout the investigation.

3. Resolution

4. Escalation Process

5. Final Response

6. Referral to the Ombudsman

Record Keeping