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Your clients will get competitive exchange rates and benefit from experienced market guidance.

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When you refer a client to Regency FX you will receive a commission for the lifetime of the client relationship.

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Partnering with Regency FX has given us a valuable additional line of revenue

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When you partner with Regency FX, your business can increase its product offering by providing payment transfer services at competitive exchange rates. Regency FX offer both personal and business currency transfer solutions for thousands of clients and can provide the best international money transfer rates.

Whether your clients are conducting large currency transfers or a smaller value, you can be confident that they receive the premium level of customer service that Regency FX is renowned for.

Partner with us

Alternative revenue stream

Partnering with Regency FX can help you stand out from your competitors and provide your clients with a valuable and trusted solution for their currency transfer needs.

Value added service

Our partnership process is simple and quick to set up. Your personal account manager will provide ongoing support to ensure a seamless experience for both you and your clients.

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Our competitive exchange rates ensure you that your clients can make international payment transfers at a fraction of the cost to high street banks.

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