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Highest, Lowest and Average Pound to Euro Rate

There are so many factors to consider when you want to convert Euros to GBP. It’s worth taking the time to look at how the GBP to Euro has performed since its inception in 1999. The highest the Pound to Euro rate has ever been is €1.752, that was on the 3rd of May 2000.

This was after the Euro’s launch in 1999, investors thought it might have been a short experiment as it did not perform very well in comparison to the pound!

The lowest the exchange rate for Pound to Euro has ever been is €1.02 on 30th of December 2008. At this point the UK banking system was very weak due to the global financial crisis at the time so it was only to be expected that EUR to GBP would be affected!

The UK required support from the Government as they were not in a good place at all! And this did help with the value when it came to converting Euros to GBP; giving the exchange rate for Pound to Euros some much needed help.

The average Pound to Euro rate is around €1.33 based on its 20-year history. Looking specifically over the last decade the Pound has traded at lower levels than the previous decade.

The average rate GBP/EUR rate over the last decade is €1.20.

Below we discuss how to make your GBP to Euro conversions that bit more ‘satisfactory’ and how even the tiniest of fluctuations can have a huge impact when you convert Euros to GBP.

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Did Brexit influence the Pound to Euro?

Yes. The pound dropped significantly in value compared to the Euro after the referendum result.

It dropped 16% against the Euro in the 4 months after the referendum! 6% of the fall happened the day of the result!

The Pound to Euro rate has sat around €1.10-€1.20 over the last few years.

Regarding the Pound recovering, the Pound to Euro rate was €1.30 before the referendum; the recovery of the Pound from 2021 and onwards will reflect whether the UK is better off or not having left the EU!

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Are the best Pound to Euro rates you see online frequently are not correct?

It is extremely easy to get an exchange rate on the internet nowadays from websites such as XE and FX Street however, not all of them are real rates.

The Pound to Euro rates that are shown are not actually available to customers!

These rates that you see are something called ‘interbank rates’ which mean that they are only available to banks themselves and large financial companies.

They are not available to customers or even large corporations who buy and sell currencies in the billion's regions!

Some of the companies that are showing these ‘fake rates’ use them to entice customers into their company!

There will be small disclaimers near these quotes saying something like “not available to customers” or “for informational purposes only”.

When you convert Pounds to Euros it is a good idea to get a genuine quote from a money transfer specialist or a bank!

This will avoid you coming across these ‘fake rates’ and ensuring that they rate you see is real.

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Pound to Euro 20-year history explained.

In 1999, the GBP/EUR rate started at just above €1.40, for the first few years there was a lot of doubt and uncertainty about the Euro’s credibility, the Pound gained value against the Euro.

In the first year of the Euro’s launch the Pound value reached an all-time high of €1.752.

By 2003, the Euro became solidly established as a currency and the Pound value dropped down to €1.40.

Then from 2003-2007 the rate stayed around €1.40 and €1.50 which is rare as the rate does not normally stay around the same figure. In 2007/2008, during the global crisis the Pound dropped dramatically in value and the UK required the government's support as they provided £500 billion to stave off the British banking system crashing.

The Pound hit an all-time low of €1.02 in late 2008.

In 2013 to 2015, the Euro fell badly as debt problems arose with the ‘PIGS’ (Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy).

Then came early 2016 and the Brexit referendum caused the Pound to sink rapidly, the day the referendum was announced the Pound fell by 6.02%!

Ever since Brexit the Pound has been fighting its way back up against the Euro.

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Should the Pound to Euro forecasts be trusted?

To put it shortly, no.

Then again what forecast can you fully trust!

Its normal for people to want to know what the future is holding!

No one can predict the future accurately; we can only give it our best predictions! Normally, the people that are predicting the rate forecasts are just slightly changing the current ones.

There is yet to be an accurate way of predicting the exchange rate future!

The rates move way too much for someone to be able to precisely predict the future of them and if someone could predict them then I think that they would keep that information to themselves!

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Finding the best GBP to EUR exchange rate

The exchange rates are especially important as they can either cost you a lot of money or save you a lot of money!

Even the tiniest movements within the exchange rate can make a huge difference financially!

Here is an example on how even the smallest change can cost you a lot of money:

You have brought a property in Spain for €160,000, in order to pay for it you will need to transfer your Pounds to Euros, the current rate is £1 to €1.15. The price in Pounds works out as £139,130, just before you pay for it some bad news comes out and the Pound drops to €1.13; the house you are buying is now going to cost you £141,592. That means that the little change that has happened is going to cost you £2,462!

Moves like this that are 1 to 2% can happen all the time and even daily!

Throughout weeks it is easy to see moves of 3,4,5% and now that could be a lot of money!

Therefore, it is a good idea to speak to someone experienced in this area (money transfer specialists) as they will be watching the rate constantly throughout the day!

Most people do not have the time or patience to be constantly monitoring the rates, due to this you could miss out on a great rate and lose a lot of money.

A money transfer specialist will monitor the rate for you and notify you if the rate moves in your favour, so you do not miss out!

Banks and online-only platforms will not offer this same service as it is not their expertise and you would not be their priority.

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The important thing is the comparison, online rates shown on Google and other search engines are not always accurate for the consumer.

They can often refer to the rates that banks exchange at rather than what is available to you, the customer.

Even if you are just looking for property at this stage it is worth getting in touch to discuss your options.

We can monitor the market on your behalf enabling you to budget more effectively.

As a first-class currency transfer service, here at Regency FX we endeavour to get the best available rate regardless of how much you are transacting.

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