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Have you considered early retirement in Ireland? Why wouldn’t you? With so much on offer including retirement villages in Ireland it is a great choice. At Regency FX we help you achieve the most from the currency you are converting.

As an independent currency specialist, we have lower overheads than the banks enabling us to pass the savings on to you making your Ireland retirement even more appealing.

When you are ready to take that important step and retire to Ireland, we can also discuss and agree on the right time to exchange your money, rather than using a bank or online-only system and having to accept the rate they give you on the day.

Why not retire to Ireland? It might be easier than you think…

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UK to Ireland - (Retirement guide)

UK to Ireland – (Retirement Guide)

Ireland is an extremely popular place for people to retire in as it is packed with beautiful views and plenty of activities for everyone!

With retirement villages in Ireland located in some truly breathtaking locations and easy access from the UK, early retirement in Ireland is very appealing.

When you retire to Ireland, there isn’t a huge change to your lifestyle, no new language to learn, similar customs and friendly people.

In this section we will take you through what you need to know to make your Ireland retirement everything you want it to be; retire to Ireland in style with the help of Regency FX.

The 7 main steps when retiring to Ireland.

There are 7 main steps when it comes to retiring in Ireland these are: make sure your UK passport is valid, pick a specific place in Ireland, make plans for your belongings to get over there, sort your pension out to receive in Ireland, convert your UK driving license to an Irish one, check to see if you are eligible for free healthcare, and finally open an Irish bank account.

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What are the costs in Ireland?

This is a major thing to consider when thinking about when considering re-locating to retire as you will need to know the costs of daily living. Ireland is more expensive to live in rather than the UK. For example, a pint of beer in the UK is around £3.70 whereas in Ireland it is around £4.35. Property rent wise, in the UK a city centre property is around £749 p/month however, in Ireland it is more like £1,009.

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What are the pros of retiring in Ireland?

The public healthcare in Ireland is fantastic! It was ranked 13th in the whole world which is much higher than the UK’s rank!

Ireland is extremely close to the UK and is very well connected, with amazing connections to the UK and Europe. This is a key benefit as it allows you to be able to travel feely from where you live without being restricted within the country!

Ireland is full of amazing views and scenery. There are lots and lots of attraction points to visit within Ireland you will never get bored!

A lot of people go to Ireland for a holiday and get to experience only a tiny part of the country; however, these people still notice that Ireland has a great quality of life. There are so many different options for day-to-day activities including lovely walks in the countryside to world-famous pubs!

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What specific area in Ireland is the best for you?

If you are not a fan of massive towns then Galway is the place for you. It is the perfect combination between modern living and the old traditional sense such as farmers markets. However, there are still plenty of modern-day activities to do such as shopping, arts, and sports!

If you are more comfortable in a relaxed town then I would suggest Bray. Bray is close to Dublin so if you wanted to take regular trips down there then you would not be far! The town of Bray is bursting with personality and has just the right number of shops!

For the people that love the outdoors then Skibbereen, County Cork is the place for you! The outdoor lifestyle there is amazing with lots of walks and lovely beaches. Entertainment is also particularly good within this area are there are events and festivals that take place here.

For more of a historic vibe then Kilkenny would be the place for you. This area of Ireland is extremely popular regarding retirement. It is more of a chilled-out area, with plenty of places to visit! It is also awfully close to other countries if you fancy going for a bit of travelling!

Finally, for the city lovers my suggestion would be Dublin. Dublin contains everything you could possibly wish for! Apart from the fact that you can have a great night out in Dublin, you can also really appreciate the culture, parks, gardens, and the food and drink. This part of Ireland is more expensive than the other areas as it is Ireland’s capital.

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Is a visa required for retirement in Ireland?

For UK citizens, no you do not. Ireland has a common travel area agreement with the UK meaning that you do not need a visa to live or work within Ireland!

Important information

Regarding healthcare, UK citizens can use the Irish system still. Some services may even be free if you can obtain a medical card. There is always the option of private healthcare as well if you prefer.

Ireland property costs can be more than the UK however, there will not be any restrictions with purchasing property or land.

You will need to exchange your UK driving license for an Irish one if you want to drive in Ireland as a permanent resident. However, for visitors you can use your UK license still.

On the terms of pension, you can apply to get your UK pension in Ireland after you have moved. To ensure that you do not receive a big, unwanted tax bill you need to check the Irish pension scheme.

Who are we?

Regency FX are a UK based independent currency broker, specialising in high volume transfers.

We pride ourselves on our premium level of customer service, you will be allocated your own personal account manager whom you will have direct access to.

All funds transferred through Regency FX are made using client segregated accounts in accordance with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) guidelines.

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The important thing is the comparison, online rates shown on Google and other search engines are not always accurate for the consumer.

They can often refer to the rates that banks exchange at rather than what is available to you, the customer.

Even if you are just looking for property at this stage it is worth getting in touch to discuss your options.

We can monitor the market on your behalf enabling you to budget more effectively.

As a first-class currency transfer service, here at Regency FX we endeavour to get the best available rate regardless of how much you are transacting.

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