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Retirement to Thailand from the UK: All You Need To Know About Money Transfers from GBP to Thai Baht

If you are thinking of retiring to Thailand from the UK, at Regency FX we help you achieve the most from the currency you are converting.

Retirement from the UK to Thailand is very appealing and increasing numbers of Brits are retiring to Thailand from the UK every day for a variety reasons. Be it the lifestyle, weather, beautiful surroundings and so much more.

As an independent currency specialist, we have lower overheads than the banks enabling us to pass on the savings to you.

We can also discuss and agree on the right time to exchange your money, rather than using a bank or online-only system and having to accept the rate they give you on the day. Retirement from the UK to Thailand has never been more affordable.

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UK to Thailand - (Retirement guide)


I am going to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision whether retiring in Thailand is the one for you.

The main 6 steps

The main steps to follow when retiring in Thailand are:

  • Apply for a Thailand retirement visa
  • Find a specific area in Thailand you wish to retire to
  • Make sure to take out a healthcare insurance policy
  • Plan for your belongings to get over there
  • Apply to receive you UK state pension
  • Open a Thailand bank account

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Getting a Thailand retirement visa

The most important thing you need to do before moving to Thailand is to apply for your Thai retirement visa. To apply for this, you need to be 50 years of age or older, you also need to meet the financial requirements which include paying a deposit of 800,000 THB into a Thai bank account, which is around £18,400. The alternative here is to have a monthly income of a minimum of 65,000 THB which is around £1,500.

You will need to apply for a 90-day visa first off so that you can go to Thailand and apply for the retirement vis face to face. You then need to apply for the non-immigrant O-A retirement visa at the immigration office in Thailand and lastly, you need to ensure you have a ‘re-entry permit’ before departing from Thailand.

After 3 years of having a retirement visa then you apply for a permanent residency.

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Finding a specific area in Thailand

For a retired couple you will need around £1,600 per month to be able to live at ease depending on the type of lifestyle you have this can change.

It is a great idea to have a savings account and have at least £20,000 in there in case of any expenses that are urgent and expensive.

You can get your UK state pension over in Thailand however, you cannot get it over without paying tax of at least 25%. The reason for this is because Thailand is not on the UK’s HMRC overseas pension schemes list. If you can get the money from your UK bank account, then you will not have to pay tax.

You will need to obtain comprehensive health insurance to be able to use Thailand’s healthcare systems; the cost varies depending on age and medical conditions.

If you are not a permanent resident in Thailand, then you cannot purchase property you can only rent it.

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Advantages of retiring in Thailand.

One of the advantages of retiring in Thailand is the weather. Thailand has a great climate which is very Mediterranean and warm, they do have the occasional rain however it still tends to stay warm throughout.

An obvious benefit is the amazing scenery that Thailand has including beautiful beaches, jungles, temples, and lots more. You will never be bored in Thailand, there is always something to do!

Thailand is well-known for its great healthcare systems especially within the private hospitals over there; you are required to have medical insurance to be able to use the systems though.

Lastly, the cost of living over there is low. For example, a one-bed apartment in the city centre is £308 per month in comparison to the UK’s £745 per month.

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Where in Thailand should you retire?

If you like the city but do not have buckets of money then I would suggest the lovely, northern city Chiang Mai. This city has a relaxed vibe mixed with a historic sense. There are great bars, restaurants, and markets within this lovely city, and it is jam packed with activities to do such as adventuring, cycling or even hiking!

For less of a city atmosphere then Phuket might be for you. This area of Thailand is also very relaxed. This area best conveys Thailand’s beauty with the beaches, jungles, hiking paths and the amazing fresh seafood.

Finally, for a busier city vibe then I would suggest Bangkok. The public transport in this area is extremely good and there are many different places to get some food or go out for drinks. As well as the great food and the wonderful atmosphere, there are also great historic vibes to this city with lots of historic places to visit such as temples, rivers, and markets. This area of Thailand is quite a lot more fast paced than the others that I have mentioned none the less, it is still a great place within Thailand.

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