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Euro Braces For Interest Rate Decision - MI251023

Tomorrow sees the ECB make it's interest rate decision. Analysts are expecting no change and the rate to remain at 4%. It will be interesting to see if traders make any moves today ahead of the decision.

Ahead of that there's plenty of news to shake things up.

Anyone looking to trade Canadian Dollars should be aware of the Bank of Canada's interest rate decision after lunch. The prediction is for the rate to remain untouched at 5%. Anything either side of that could have serious ramifications.

After that it's all about speeches with voice being given to the President of the ECB, the Chair of the FED and the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Business news continues to nod to AI with Nvidia, the maker of high performing AI chips being told to stop shipping to China, Iran and Russia. The belief is it's to counter possible military uses.

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Economic calendar

CAN: 15:00 BoC Interest Rate Decision

EUR: 18:00 ECB's Christine Lagarde Speech

US: 21:35 FED's Jerome Powell Speech

AUS: 23:00 RBA's Michele Bullocks Speech

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