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Eurozone In The Spotlight - MI301023

Today kicks off with German GDP numbers. Economists are expecting a quarterly contraction of -0.3%, so this will be closely watched.

Shortly after there's Eurozone consumer confidence where analysts are expecting a negative reading of -17.9. As you would expect, a negative reading is a negative view of the economy.

Then it's onto German inflation numbers where the expectation is for inflation to be coming under control and falling to 4% annualised growth.

From there it's onto the Southern hemisphere for the next data. Japanese unemployment numbers, Chinese manufacturing data then the Japanese interest rate decision.

In amongst all of that there's UK shop prices followed by German retail sales figures, so it could be a lively 24 hours.

Business news centres on HSBC profits as well as reforms to the leasehold system in the UK.

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Economic calendar

GER: 09:00 GDP Number

EUR: 10:00 Consumer Confidence

GER: 13:00 Inflation Data

JPN: 23:30 Unemployment Rate

UK: Tuesday 00:01 BRC Shop Price Index

CHN: Tuesday 01:00 Manufacturing Data

JPN: Tuesday 05:00 BoJ Interest Rate Decision

GER: Tuesday 07:00 Retail Sales

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