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Eyes Turn Towards UK GDP Numbers - MI081123

Traders will now be preparing for the UK GDP numbers on Friday. The expectation is for a modest quarterly contraction. Generally speaking the UK has had a mixed set of economic figures recently with a slight lean towards positivity over negativity.

With the Pound being neither at highs or lows against most major currencies there is the risk of heightened volatility towards the end of the week.

Ahead of that there's plenty to keep an eye on today. First up is a speech by the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey. This is followed by Eurozone retail sales numbers before a speech by the Chair of the FED, Jerome Powell.

Going into the early ours of tomorrow Australia releases it's projected inflation number before the Chinese inflation report.

Business news is thin on the ground with chatter around a bleak Christmas for consumers....however that same prediction seems to get touted every year.

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Economic calendar

UK: 09:30 BoE's Andrew Bailey Speech

EUR: 10:00 Retail Sales

US: 14:15 FED's Jerome Powell Speech

AUS: Thursday 00:00 Consumer Inflation Expectation

CHN: Thursday 01:30 Inflation Number

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