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Interest Rates Remain Unchanged - MI151223

UK - remains at 5.25%

EUR - remains at 4.5%

US - remains at 5.5%

All a bit of a storm in a teacup.

It looks as though central banks are hoping the hikes have done their trick, and inflation is back under control. Now they are sitting in the middle of the seesaw to see which side might need a bit of weight.

If inflation starts going back up expect further hikes, however if inflation gets below 2% it could be the other way and we may see cuts in rates.

In recent trading the Pound has changed fortunes against the Euro and the Dollar. Now it's the turn of GBP/EUR to track sideways whereas the Pound has gained the upper hand briefly versus the Greenback.

Todays international services and manufacturing data could be the big mover for currency exchange rates.

Other than that we go into the weekend on a fairly quiet note.

Business news is equally thin on the ground. Eyes are turning towards the cost of Christmas and the potential for consumers to be using credit more this year to provide the expected festivities.

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Economic calendar

EUR: 09:00 Manufacturing the Services PMI

UK: 09:30 Manufacturing the Services PMI

US: 14:45 Manufacturing the Services PMI

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