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It's Non Farm Payroll day in the States

It's non farm payroll day in the US. What does that mean? Put simply it's the net change in full time employment in America removing seasonal fluctuations. Historically the biggest seasonal fluctuation was seen in agriculture around harvest time. The number is widely regarded as an overall indication of the state of the US economy. Analysts are expecting job growth in June of 225,000 extra. Anything substantially either side of that could have a big impact on Dollar rates.

At the same time as the jobs report there's also average earnings and unemployment data out. Economists are expecting annual growth of 4.2% and a rate of 3.6% respectively.

If that wasn't enough, for those tracking the Canadian Dollar, there's also the Canadian unemployment rate out where the expectation is for a 5.3% reading.

For a bit of icing on the cake today there's a speech by the ECB president, Christine Lagarde, later, so the Euro could bounce also.

The weekend looks quiet for market news ahead of Chinese inflation numbers out in the early hours of Monday.

Business news centres on the Twitter rival, Threads, unleashed by the owner of Facebook this week. Expect drawn out intellectual property rights legal action. Meta has been accused of recruiting ex Twitter staff to create the new social media platform.

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Economic calendar

US: 13:30 Non Farm Payrolls

US: 13:30 Average Earnings

US: 13:30 Unemployment Rate

CAN: 13:30 Unemployment Rate

EUR: 17:45 ECB's Christine Lagarde Speech

CHN: Monday 02:30 Inflation Data

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