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It's Super Thursday - MI010224

Let's start with the headline.

It's the Bank of Englands Super Thursday.

The all important interest rate decision where pundits are expecting it to remain unchanged at 5.25%.

However we think the vote count at the same time is even more critical. There are nine members of the voting panel. The expectation is for 1 member to vote for a hike and 8 to vote for no change. Watch this space.

Shortly after that the Bank of England Governor, Andrew Bailey, holds a press conference where the decision making is discussed and short term forecasts are provided.

If all that wasn't enough then prior to the BoE news the ECB releases the Eurozone inflation number. Analysts are predicting annualised growth of 3.2%.

So it could be a big day for GBP/EUR. Hold onto your hats.

Dotted around the rest of the day there's global manufacturing data alongside US initial jobless claims.

Business news puts a dampener on the potential for tax cuts in the Spring. The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has intimated that there still will be tax cuts, but will be done in a "responsible way".

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Economic calendar

EUR: 10:00 Inflation Report

UK: 12:00 Interest Rate Decision

UK: 12:00 MPC Vote Count

UK: 12:00 BoE Asset Purchase Facility

UK: 12:30 BoE's Andrew Bailey Speech

US: 13:30 Initial Jobless Claims

As ever we look forward to keeping you in the loop and look out for our next update.

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