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Market Comment - 27th July 2021

Good morning,

The BoJ's Kuroda is currently giving a press conference which is strengthening the price of the Yen and therefore, conversely weakening the Pound against that particular currency.

Overall the Pound has been gaining over the last few sessions which is good to see. The watchful eyes of the world have been studying the reaction to parts of the UK removing restrictions around the pandemic. With case numbers actually dropping after the Euros surge and hospitalisations and deaths remaining limited it looks like it's been positive for GBP.

Throughout the day there's a raft of US data from Durable Goods orders to House Prices and also the Consumer Confidence survey. Therefore today could be a volatile day for the GBP/USD rate.

Going into tomorrow there's the Nationwide house prices early doors here in the UK although it's already been widely reported that house prices are currently at record highs.

As ever we look forward to keeping you in the loop and look out for our next update.

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US: 13:30 Durable Goods Orders

US: 14:00 House Price Index

US: 15:00 Consumer Confidence

UK: 07:00 Nationwide House Prices

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