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Market Comment - 29th November 2021

Good morning,

The markets have returned to a state of calm today following the turbulence felt around the new Omicron variant on Friday. Whilst the news sounds quite dire the rhetoric from politicians over the weekend was more calming. More restrictions have been imposed in parts of the UK but they are far from onerous.

We may well be in the eye of the storm right now so we are closely following the news updates to see where the next move might come from. Whilst markets look calm today this could turn on a sixpence. It would appear the markets will be driven by this global news story rather than scheduled updates for the near future.

The GBP/EUR rate remains mid range following Friday's moves. We do not expect the rate to retest 12 month highs again unless further news is forthcoming. From a technical perspective it looks more likely for the Pound to drop further at this stage. However global news is the big mover for the near term.

Against the Dollar the Pound looks weak. This is to be expected as traders often turn to the Greenback as a perceived safe haven during turbulent times. Trading Dollar to Sterling looks very good right now.

Against the Australian Dollar and the Swedish Krona it's a different story. The Pound looks strong against these currencies. The Euro is also gaining strength versus the Swedish Krona that is a little out of favour right now.

We are keeping a close eye on events around the Omicron strain. If there are any further updates out today we will issue a newsflash.

Looking ahead the news updates have returned to normal following the holidays in the US at the back end of last week. There's European Consumer Confidence information out first today followed by the FED's Jerome Powell giving a speech.

As ever we look forward to keeping you in the loop and look out for our next update.

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