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Non Farm Payroll Day - MI030524

The US reports its non farm payrolls number on the first Friday of every month (with an occasional exception).

Today the expectation is that 238,000 full time jobs will have been added in April.

Any significant number either side of that can have big repercussions for the Dollar.

It's called the non farm payroll due to its historic significance. The number excludes any seasonal variations such as harvest time and Christmas. The theory being it provides a more accurate reflection of the stable workforce.

Prior to that there's Eurozone unemployment being reported where the rate is expected to remain at 6.5%.

Later in the afternoon it's back to the Dollar with the Institute for Supply Management releasing its purchasing managers index. This is expected to read 52. The mid number is 50, so 52 would indicate a positive reading.

A good thing to bear in mind is that although the UK will be enjoying a bank holiday this weekend, the rest of the world doesn't....and there's plenty of news stories in the pipeline before Tuesday.

There's a raft of speeches from the FED tomorrow before a press conference from the ECB on Monday, so if you're looking to play safe with currency transfers please note Tuesday rates could look very different to todays rates.

Business news sees a smattering of various stories from the Post Office scandal to Apple reporting a slump in sales. However Apple actually bolstered their share price (which should have dropped with the news) by reporting they had set aside $110 billion to buy back shares which is seen as a vote of confidence by the company.

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Economic calendar

EUR: 10:00 Unemployment Rate

US: 13:30 Non Farm Payrolls

US: 15:00 ISM Services PMI

US: Saturday 4 Speeches From FED

EUR: Monday 13:45 ECB Press Conference

As ever we look forward to keeping you in the loop and look out for our next update.

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