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Storm In A Teacup MI020224

What was expected to cause volatility yesterday ended up being relatively benign.

Most of the data came in in line with expectations across the board.

The one surprise was a vote for a rate cut from the Monetary Policy Committee in the UK.

However that was counteracted by a surprise extra vote for a rate hike.

So all in all it was a bit of a damp squib.

Today could be different as it's the turn of the non farm payrolls in the US.

This is the bellwether of the US economy where the addition or subtraction of full time, non seasonal workers is reported.

Analysts are expecting a reading of 180k jobs gained.

Other than that it's a fairly quiet day as we head into the weekend.

Business news covers the Bank of Englands warming towards rate cuts. Inflation in the UK is set to drop over the coming months meaning the BoE may have to push the lever rather than pull it to get the UK back to 2% inflation. The reason why there could be a cut is to ensure the UK doesn't overshoot the 2% target and head into deflation instead.

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Economic calendar

US: 13:30 Non Farm Payrolls

US: 13:30 Average Earnings

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