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UK GDP in line with expectations

UK GDP numbers came in this morning at 0.1% growth therefore in line with expectations and staying away from the dreaded contraction. This has seen the Pound recover slightly versus the Euro which looked like a possibility yesterday.

Japanese inflation numbers came in at 3.1% annualised growth which was much better than the predicted 3.8%. Potentially a further demonstration that global inflation is getting under control.

UK house prices look to have returned to growth as well as Nationwide reported month on month growth of 0.1% against an expected -0.3% contraction. Great news for home owners.

Today it's Eurozone preliminary inflation in the spotlight. Analysts are expecting a reading of 5.5% annualised growth. It will be interesting to see if the recent trend continues later.

There's also personal consumption and expenditure numbers from the US which is another indicator of the worlds largest economy.

Business news indicates household energy bills could remain higher than the longer term average, but are now starting to return to a semblance of normality.

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Economic calendar

EUR: 10:00 Preliminary Inflation Numbers

US: 13:30 Personal Consumption and Expenditure

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