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UK Unemployment Rate Up - MI120324

7am this morning saw the UK's unemployment and average earnings being reported.

Analysts had expected the rate to remain at 3.8%. However the rate rose slightly to 3.9%.

Average earnings growth also slowed slightly.

This has taken a bit of fizz out of the Pound first thing where the rate has dropped slightly against both the Euro and the Dollar.

Today all eyes will be on the US inflation number. Analysts are expecting annualised growth of 3.7% which would be down from last months 3.9%. This number could put pressure on the FED to consider decreasing their base rate sooner rather than later.

Other than that it's breakfast tomorrow for the next market news. There's UK industrial and manufacturing data out along with GDP numbers and the overall UK trade balance, so could be a lively start to Wednesday.

Business news centres on a rather alarming number that an estimated 9.2 million adults in the UK are both not working nor actively looking for work. Whilst Covid has been attributed for the start of this issue, it's continued on after the pandemic.

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Economic calendar

US: 12:30 Inflation Report

UK: Wednesday 07:00 Monthly GDP

UK: Wednesday 07:00 Industrial and Manufacturing Data

UK: Wednesday 07:00 Trade Balance

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