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What will the ECB do at lunchtime - Market Insight 27th July 2023

Last night saw the FED increase their base rate by 0.25% to 5.5%. It's the turn of the ECB today just after lunch. Analysts are expecting the same from them with an anticipated 25 point rise to 3.75%. With the Pound gaining versus the Euro during the last week this decision could be pivotal.

After a quiet week so far for scheduled news today sees the opposite. Following the ECB rate decision there's a raft of data from the US. Durable goods orders, initial jobless claims and preliminary GDP data are the highlights. For the latter the expectation is for Q2 growth of 1.8%, so GBP/USD could be in for a lively afternoon as well.

If that wasn't enough there's the ECB press conference shortly after so eyes will be like a tennis match between Euro rates and Dollar rates.

Going into tomorrow the Japanese Yen will be under the spotlight. There's inflation from Tokyo first with analysts expecting annualised growth of 2.8% followed by the Bank of Japans interest rate decision. The expectation is the BoJ will keep the rate at negative -0.1%.

Business news centres on British Gas who have announced half year profits of almost £1 billion creating further division when it comes to household bills.

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Economic calendar

EUR: 13:15 ECB Interest Rate Decision

US: 13:30 Durable Goods Orders

US: 13:30 Initial Jobless Claims

US: 13:30 Preliminary GDP Data

EUR: 13:45 ECB Press Conference

JPN: Friday 00:30 Inflation Numbers

JPN: Friday 04:00 BoJ Interest Rate Decision

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