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Money Transfers for your International Wedding

By Regency FX
December 20, 2023

So you’re thinking about getting married abroad?

Sounds exciting, but what does it actually mean in real terms?

The questions on every couples minds in this position are the same. Where, when, who do we invite… and all importantly, how much will it cost?

Let’s break down all of these questions.

The all important location

From The Maldives to The Canaries, each location has it’s pro’s and con’s. Far flung destinations could typically be more exotic, romantic and dream like whereas closer means potentially more options, more accessibility, and probably less cost.

Top picks for far flung destinations

The Indian Ocean

Whether that’s the Maldives, Mauritius or The Seychelles it means tying the knot on a powder white beach on a tropical island.

Most destinations in the Maldives will be on their very own island with the possibility of having the entire place to yourself for the wedding and the wedding party. The Maldives conjures images of being laid back, having seclusion, and azure sea all around.

Mauritius offers breathtaking views in all directions. With the stunning La Morne Mountain serving as the backdrop for any wedding photos and the amazing reef surrounding the island, Mauritius offers a great solution for both an adults only wedding or a family friendly ceremony.

The Seychelles is a stand out choice for a far flung wedding. Picture white beaches, huge boulders and palm trees. Absolutely idyllic.

The Caribbean

Top choices in the Caribbean are: Antigua, The Bahamas, Barbados, The Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica and St Lucia.

Each of the Caribbean islands offers something a little different. With their own culture, cuisine and atmosphere there’s two things that links them all… breathtaking beauty and laid back style.

From adults only resorts to sprawling resorts with water parks and kids clubs, there’s choices to suit all wedding styles.


The home of the ultra all inclusive resort. 

Whether it’s the Riviera Maya or Cancun there’s absolutely something for everyone. Expect your wedding to have access to a whole host of choices for pools, bars, restaurants and all important backdrops for wedding pictures.

Typically most resorts will have restaurant options from around the world, so whether it’s Mexican cuisine, Thai, Indian, French, BBQ or seafood, the chances are your resort will cater to you.

Bar options often include beach, swim up, sports and lounge, so again the choice is endless.

Combine all this with pools that are adults only, lagoon style, infinity and child friendly, it’s plain to see Mexico is a great all rounder as a wedding destination.

Top picks for closer to home

The Canaries

Each of the Canary Islands has it’s own story. 

Tenerife, overlooked by Mount Teide, with it’s bustling nightlife and family friendly water parks offers a great choice for couples and families alike. 

Lanzarote with it’s volcanic history and amazing national parks offers some great resort choices from the quiet Playa Blanca to the lively Puerto Del Carmen.

Gran Canaria could possibly suit adults only more with less of an emphasis on family fun with miles of windswept dunes.

Fuerteventura offers endless choices for water sports and activity based resorts for the more adventurous for their wedding venue.

The Balearics

Similar to the Canaries, each of the islands tells it’s own story.

Ibiza, the party island. With spectacular beaches, each with their own personality, and absolutely buzzing resorts, there’s something for everyone on the White Isle. And Ibiza town has the fantastic D’alt Vila for amazing backdrops for those all important pictures.

Majorca, something for everyone. From family friendly resorts to livelier nightlife centred options, this island has the best of all worlds.

Menorca is often seen as the most laid back of the Balearics. With a wealth of fishing villages and amazing coastline this could be a great option for an amazing wedding. 

Spain and Portugal

Whether it’s a villa or a small hotel that the wedding party has the entire run of, or a hotel based wedding, Spain and Portugal offer an amazing choice as a destination. Super accessible from anywhere in the UK and cost effective flights from every airport make these countries a fantastic choice. These two countries would be a great idea if you’re looking to get the biggest group you can to your overseas wedding.

Now for the all important when

This is simple to work out. The far flung destinations often have their best weather from November to April whereas the nearer to home destinations typically follow the UK for their times of best weather being May to October.

Using that as a guideline you can take a lot of the stress out of hoping for great weather on the big day.

How much will it cost

As a rule of thumb the further away the wedding destination is, the more expensive it will be. 

And, of course, it could also limit who can come. If you’re paying for everyone to attend this could be the biggest decider of location. If your guests need to arrange their own travel arrangements this could potentially limit who will, or even can, say yes to coming.

How does money transfer work for overseas weddings

It all depends on how you book it. If you use a UK based service the likelihood would be to pay in Pound Sterling. Here’s a typical site you could visit for reference

However that could also result in it being an expensive way to book it.

A more cost effective way could be to book the individual parts yourself such as flights and the wedding venue.

There are plenty of boutique hotels and decent sized villas in all of the locations mentioned above. Many of which specifically cater for weddings, and would be able to provide all of the services you would expect such as catering, the cake etc.

This is where effective money transfers can come into play. Not only could it reduce the cost of your overseas wedding, but you could even benefit further if exchange rates go in your favour.

As an example if a venue charges €20,000 the required amount of Sterling could vary a great deal over, say, a 6 month period

If the current rate is 1.14 Euros to the Pound then £17,544 would be needed to pay the venue.

However if the rate moved to 1.20 Euros to the Pound then only £16,667 would be needed which is almost a thousand pounds better.

This is where dedicated currency conversion brokerages come into their own.

Here at Regency FX, with our emphasis on outstanding customer service, we’ve helped a number of couples get cost effective rates of exchange for their international wedding.

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